Learning Organization

BISCUE Research Institute is commited to providing an effective solution to help build learning organizations which lead to creating learning communities and societies around the world.

Our activities include the following.

  • Holding lectures and workshops to help build the Learning Organization
  • Publishing to advocate the Learning Organization
  • Sending learning facilitators to lead the Communites of Practice
  • Providing online facilitation for team learning
  • Training internal learning facilitators

Our service aims at building a sustainable learning culture within organizations.

Bottom-Up Learning Organization

Based on our intensive study of organizational learning since 1980s, BISCUE Research Institute advocates the Next-Generation Learning Organization by using web 2.0, communication and content technologies.

We focus on the bottom-up learning organization seen in a number of Japanese companies in the 1980s when Japan emerged as a growing power in the world economy.

By using the concept of bottom-up learning organization which integrates the Communities of Practice in each level of organization, we are confident that companies and other organizations not only in Japan but internationally will enhance their productivity while fulfilling their Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) or Social Responsibilities (SR) by developing learning communities and societies around the world.

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