BISCUE Research Institute


Our research and development activities support the following businesses of Shubiki Corporation.


  • Subjects
    • Next-Generation Learning Organization
    • Team Learning - How to Build Learning Organization
    • Evolving Mobile Environment - Mobile Learning
    • Mobile Learning for Tomorrow
    • E-learning in collaboration between Academia and Industry
    • Knowledge Base in the Academia to Building Learning Organization in Business (pdf)
    • Building BUSHIDO-based Next-Generation Learning Organization by using Web 2.0
    • Going from Learning Organization to Learning Society
  • Conferences
    • Association of Pacific Rim Universities (APRU) DLI (by APRU at Tokyo University)
    • e-Learning Conference Summer/Winter (by eLC)
    • ASTD International Conference & Expo (by ASTD in Atlanta)
    • PAGE Conference (by JAGAT)
    • Forum for On-demand Lecture Circulation (FOLC) Annual Meeting (by FOLC)
    • Harvard Asia Business Conference (by Harvard University in Cambridge)


Name:BISCUE Research Institute
Address:Shubiki Corporation, 10-1 Takadanobaba 2-Chome, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 169-0075 Japan
tel.+81-3-3208-4276 fax.+81-3-3208-4288 E-mail: bri at (Change at to @ when emailing.)
Founded:April, 2005
General Manager:Harumi Yoshida, Senior Managing Director & COO of Shubiki Corporation

Biography of General Manager

Ms. Harumi Yoshida is the Senior Managing Director & COO for Shubiki Corporation. She received a B.Ec. from Chiba University, worked for Sumitomo Corporation in their global trading business and then joined Shubiki Corporation. She has been responsible for a number of research projects with major think-tanks in Japan, and more than 650 projects in content development for BISCUE Business Content including e-learning, apps, mobile and DVD. Based on the business practices, she lectures the team learning and other relevant subjects. In 2005, she was assigned the General Manager for BISCUE Research Institute.

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