System Development

Learning System

We develop various systems for content production and ASP/SaaS service.

  • LCMS (Learning Content Management System)
  • LMS (Learning Management System)
  • SNS (Social Networking Service)
  • Content for smartphones and cellphones
  • Content for tablet PCs and various book readers


Research on International Standards

We constantly research on international standards which include SCORM, Common Cartridge, mobile movies and quality assuarance among others.

SCORM Adopter approved by ADL

Shubiki Corporation is the first Japanese company approved as the SCORM Adopter by ADL who was formed as a developer of learning technologies in US Department of Defense (DoD) and created SCORM specifications.

ADL Logo permitted for use by SCORM Adopters Source:Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative (The logo is a registered trademark of ADL.)

ADL approves organizations as their SCORM Adopters by using their Test Suite. Our products have passed the tests as follows.

Presently, we are the only Japanese company registered as the SCORM Adopter for both content and LMS. We are also registered as ADL Partner. The logo is permitted for use by SCORM Adopters.

SCORM 2004 Adopter by ADL

SCORM 2004 is the specification announced by ADL in 2004 (1st Edition at that time).

In response to this announcement, we developed BISCUE LMS II, cleared their Test Suite and were approved by ADL as the first SCORM 2004 Adopter in the world.

Please refer to the Search SCORM Adopters on the ADL site. By selecting SCORM Version 2004 within the column of SCORM Version, you will see the list of companies registered as SCORM 2004 Adopters.

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