Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

CSR Research and Consulting

Our business domain includes the following CSR activities.

  • Joint research and consulting for CSR with consultants in Japan, US and other countries
  • Development of content relating to environmental issues and other CSR subjects
  • CSR practices through the activities of Non-Profit Organizations (NPO)
  • Lectures at CSR-related conferences

(*)CSR : Corporate Social Responsibility

NPO Involvement

We are involved in various activities of Non-Profit Organizations (NPO) which include:

  • NPO e-Learning Consortium Japan (eLC)
  • NPO Accreditation Council for Practical Abilities (ACPA)
  • NPO Forum for On-demand Lecture Circulation (FOLC)

Towards Learning Society

BISCUE Research Institute is commited to providing an effective solution to help build learning organizations to contribute to creating learning communities and societies around the world.

  • Lecture at CSR Session in Harvard Asia Business Conference (by Harvard University in Cambridge)
  • BISCUE Books entitled "Where are Japanese Companies?-To build the next-generation learning organization"
  • Lectures in NPOs, industry associations, conferences and companies among others

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