Content Supervision

Policy of Production

When evaluating the results of human development, we have the well-known Kirkpatrick's four-level model. Further to these levels, Jack Philips advocates Return on Investment (ROI).

We believe that all business content should be designed to achieve the highest score of ROI.

For this objective,

  • ROI = Return / Investment
  • therefore,
    • Higher return
    • Lower investment
    are essential.

Based on this concept, BISCUE Research Institue supports Shubiki Corporation in their development of content.

Concept of Production

Our research plays an important role in production as follows.

  • Updates content constantly.
  • Conveys messages clearly and quickly.
  • Provides easy-to-handle human interface.
  • Pertains to human understanding and memorizing mechanisms.

In addition, cost-efficiency is an important factor.

Our institute supports media production by making the most of ICT while developing LCMS (Learning Content Management System) and LMS (Learning Management System) and other relevant systems.


Standardization in products and services brings various merits. This is true in content development as well.

  • Human interface improved.
  • Variety of ready-made content developed.
  • Cost of content decreased.
  • Quality of content to be assured.

We do constant research and development on xAPI (Tin Can), SCORM, mobile specifications and quality assurance standardization among others in Japan and in overseas markets.

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